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Working Together 

In building the most powerful financial strategy for you, we utilize a planning-based process to get to know you, your goals, and your financial literacy. Our process has taken years to develop and is always evolving in order to provide the best client experience possible. 

Our Comprehensive financial planning process includes:

  1. Establishing and defining the client-planner relationship

Relationships are everything at our firm and we never make any financial recommendations until we fully understand the client and their specific goals. 

  1. Gathering client data including goals

Using a goal-based planning approach, we customize each and every investment strategy to our clients. 

  1. Analyzing and evaluating the client’s current financial status

Knowing where you are today can help us plan for where you want to be tomorrow. 

  1. Developing and presenting recommendations and/or alternatives

We believe that an informed investor is a powerful investor which is why we educate you on our recommendations and answer any questions you have. We diligently screen investments and do our due diligence before presenting any recommendations. 

  1. Implementing the recommendations

Now, we implement our plan and keep you updated on any changes. 

  1. Monitoring the recommendations

We don’t just build a plan and then set it on the shelf to collect dust. We are always monitoring our clients’ plans and circle back as needed.